Unemployment Compensation for Military Personnel

More often that not, ex- military personnel who have became jobless due to exit from the military and other defence forces often wonder if they are eligible for unemployment compensation similar to civilians. If you’re former military personnel or spouse of one, we’re sure this article will provide you refreshing insights on applying for unemployment insurance.

Are Military Men and their spouse eligible for Unemployment?

The department of labor, under the aegis of federal govt. administers an exclusive unemployment compensation program known as Unemployment Compensation for Ex Servicemembers (UCX). This scheme extends income support to military servicemen after they are released from active duty till the time they find a civilian job.

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Benefits & Eligibility

The former serviceman applies for UCX in the state where he is looking for a job. Akin to the rules for civilians, eligibility criteria varies from one state to another as each one administers their own unemployment compensation programs. Weekly benefit amount is calculated on the basis of wages earned during active military duty.

Servicemen having the same wage and experience may draw different amount from different states. A foremost qualification will be that relating to the reasons for separation from military duty. The ex military man must have left the job under honorable conditions or should have completed the full service term.

If you were in the defence forces and moved out recently, check for unemployment benefits in your state before applying.

Unemployment Benefits for Civilian Spouses

If you are the spouse of serving military personnel and quit your job to travel to the place of posting, you will not be eligible for unemployment compensation. It will be considered as quitting voluntarily and therefore make them ineligible. If you’re in such a situation, weigh all options carefully before deciding to resign from the job.

Lets say, you quit your job to move with your spouse to the place of posting and found a job and resume working, you should qualify for unemployment in case you lose that job. You must fulfill the general conditions such as earning stipulated wages and working for the prescribed time period.

In a few states, if you move with your spouse to the place of posting and actively look for a job, you may be allowed to apply for unemployment after a brief period. The labor authorities in your state will be able to advise you further.

Funding of UCX

The UCX(Unemployment compensation for ex-servicemen) is sponsored by the federal government by means of a federal account in the Unemployment trust fund(UTF). Through this account the federal govt refunds the state for compensation paid to the unemployed military personnel whose wages were earned from service in military.

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