Extended Unemployment Insurance in Massachusetts

Short note on duration period of UI in Massachusetts

As per the Massachusetts state law, unemployment insurance benefits last for a period of 30 weeks. Beneficial year is considered as 52 weeks period from the effective date of claiming is approved. In case any claimer is denied of benefit, then the beneficial period also extends by the number of weeks being disqualified. To know more about this check out our Unemployment Insurance guide.

*** Emergency unemployment compensation(E.U.C), a federally sponsored scheme for additional weekly benefits(after regular UI is exhausted) remains expired as on 28th Dec 2013.  EUC is currently not available in any state***

Extended Unemployment Insurance

If unemployment rate increases then special state federal programs comes into effectiveness which provides the additional week benefit or extended benefit programs. Such programs are funded partially or fully by the Massachusetts federal unemployment trust fund.

There are two ways to obtain extended unemployment insurance benefits:

1] Federal extension of unemployment benefits – In case of rise in unemployment rate, the federal government comes for assistance by providing extending benefits to those whose state UI benefits have expired.

Your Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) representative will let you know the details and eligibility on qualifying for the benefits since the eligibility requirements are different to some extent and all the workers cannot be benefited even if they qualify for the federal extended benefits.

Information on extended benefits

If unemployment increases in Massachusetts State then beneficiaries are eligible to enjoy the benefit upto 99 weeks as bifurcated stated below:

•    up to 26 weeks of regular benefits from the Massachusetts unemployment program

•    up to 53 weeks of extended benefits from the Emergency Unemployment Compensation


•    up to 20 weeks of extended benefits from the Extended Benefits (EB) program

You can file an extended benefit claim by calling the

Toll-free number: 1-888-998-8418.

2] Approved job training– If you are undergoing the approved job training program, you can still apply for an extension unemployment benefit program. The maximum period for job training would be 18 weeks of time.

Note: To qualify for the extension, you must apply by the 15th week after you begin to get unemployment insurance checks. To know more about Massachusetts unemployment check out our Massachusetts Unemployment Benefits guide.

Reimbursable employers are accountable for the portion of benefits or or the full amount of re-training benefits paid if there are contributory employers in the base period as well.

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