Five Awesome Resume Writing Tips For UI Applicants

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

We’re sorry to hear that you are unemployed currently. But it is just a phase and before you know it, your life will be back on track and you’ll wonder why you felt so dejected in the first place. Being unemployed is hard on your finances. Thanks to unemployment insurance (UI), you must be having your basic necessities covered. However, looking for a new job never seemed more important. Drafting a competent resume is a skill in itself and so here are some cool resume writing tips to gather your recruiter’s attention.

Resume tips



1. Be Honest

This translates as don’t fabricate information or over exaggerate. Don’t downplay anything either. If you have a skill, describe it in the best possible way and make it the highlight. Recruiters can often tell if you are bluffing and if they think you are, it does not create a good impression.

2. Talk Avidly About Your Work History

If you have done a job worth boasting, do it. Describe the firm/company you worked you and provide exact dates of your employment history with them. It would also benefit you and the recruiter greatly if you describe your job responsibilities in detail. Also, if you have done a job that helped you gain a skill that would help in the job you are applying to right now, write about it in detail.

3. Don’t Stray From The Nature Of Your Resume

Resumes are of different types. Yes, you read that right. You can have targeted resumes, functional resumes and even chronological resumes. So if you have picked a theme, don’t deviate from it. Often, targeted resumes work best when applying for a job after a layoff.

4. Add Job Specific Keywords

As weird as it sounds, sometimes large corporations often set up a bot to screen resumes that they get. Such companies often get hundreds of resumes in the mail so manually going through them may be difficult. This is where keywords come into play. If the bot recognizes keywords relevant to current openings, it will shortlist your resume for review by an actual human.

5. References And Evidences

This is probably the most significant section in your resume. You need to be careful about whose name you write there. Don’t include names of disgruntled ex-bosses or superiors as they may not be generous about praising you.

Making An Impact

Apart from the content, the presentation is a vital part of any resume. You need to use crisp and formal fonts and appropriate text sizes. Headings and other highlights should be styled accordingly as well. Never, we repeat, never use funky fonts and vivid colors. A professional resume is best appreciated when a photo of yours is attached to it. Following modern convention, you can also add your LinkedIn profile’s link to make a better impression.

Should you find yourself in need of assistance with anything related to job hunting, we recommend that you visit our user discussion forum. We also have a state-wise list using which you can research about matters related to unemployment in your area. We wish our readers the very best in all their endeavours. May you find that dream job. Cheers!